Numba and (vs.) SLURM

Introduction The python library numba provides (among others) just-in-time (jit) compilation for python. Python code can gain tremendous speed-ups without the need to rewrite a single line of code. Simply adding a decorator to a function such as illustrated in this example: import numba @njit def accelerate_me(): ... can lead to run times comparable to C or Fortran code. Let's make a concrete example, where we add random numbers in a for loop (not advised, but used here to demonstrate numba). [Read More]

Programming Courses at MPI Evolutionary Biology

As every year, some PostDocs and Staff Scientists offer courses on computing, programming, data analysis and visualization and related topics. Requirements: Some courses require that participants already have certain levels of experience and knowledge. Before signing up, please assess for yourself if you feel comfortable with these requirements. If in doubt, please contact the course responsible. During the course, there will not be enough time to bring everybody up to the expected level before starting the course program. [Read More]